Wear-resistant ceramic-lined composite pipe performance which?

Wear-resistant ceramic lining composite pipe using the main technology is the centrifugal casting composite ceramic technology.


Wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe of the type of centrifugal casting composite ceramic pipe, ceramic wear-resistant ceramic pipe, one piece of wear-resistant ceramic pipe, full name ceramic-lined composite steel pipe, wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe

Multi-resistant ceramic lined composite pipe

Ceramic-lined composite pipe is the use of "SHS- self- propagating high-temperature synthesis of centrifuge technology" made ​​of new composite materials, is a national high-tech "863" plan focuses on industrial projects in the 1990s with the international advanced level.

Ceramic Lined Composite Steel Pipe

Ceramic lined composite steel pipe is made through self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) technique. The pipe consists of three layers: smooth ceramic lining (compact corundum), ceramic and metal transition layer and the outer seamless steel pipe. The combination of high rigidity of ceramic and high elasticity of steel gives the pipe unmatchable features as an abrasion resistant, … Continue reading Ceramic Lined Composite Steel Pipe