UHMW-PE pipe

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a new kind of engineering thermoplastics with more than 3 million viscosity-average molecular weight.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has superior performance over conventional HDPE pipe such as very high wear resistance, impact resistance, excellent resistance to internal pressure strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking, intrinsically self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, low temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is developing very quickly , before the 1980s, the world’s average annual growth rate of 8.5% , after the 1980s , the growth rate as high as 15 % to 20 %. Moreover, China’s average annual growth rate of over 30 %. 1978 World consumption of 12,000 ~ 12,500 tons , while in 1990 the world demand of about 50,000 tons , of which the U.S. accounted for 70 %. 2007-2009, China has gradually become the world’s plastics factory , super molecular weight polyethylene industrial development is very rapid.
Features ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe
High wear characteristics of ultrahigh molecular weight of up to 200 million or more , small abrasion index , 6.6 times higher than normal wear alloy . Greatly improve the life of the pipeline .
High impact resistance , the products meet GB1843 standards , the impact toughness of the highest value of the product in an existing engineering plastics.
This product can be resistant to corrosion erosion harsh chemicals.
Good self- lubricating self-lubricating well. Low coefficient of friction . Surface is not attached , no scaling.
The unique low temperature resistance of this product is excellent low temperature performance , long-term work at a temperature of -50 to 80 celsius degree.
Excellent corrosion cracking resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance optimal resistance to environmental stress cracking > 4000h, is more than 2 times the PE100.
Easy installation accounts for only one-eighth the weight of steel , making loading and unloading, either welded or flanged connections are available to install , safe, reliable, convenient , no corrosion, saving labor.
Bearing capacity of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe , impact resistance , wear resistance , corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and are exponentially increase self-lubricating , can be used for oil , coal , mining , water supply , electricity, chemical and other fields . Because of its excellent performance, security, reliability and reasonable price , the products will gradually replace metal pipes and other plastic pipe .
Price ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe , lower than conventional steel , coupled with a low friction coefficient , flow capacity , high impact strength, corrosion resistance , abrasion resistance, weather resistance , and many other factors contrast , its performance is far more than other plastics prices pipes and pipe.
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