SHS Ceramic Composite Pipe

SHS- self -igniting alumina ceramic composite pipe is the national ” 863 ” program in the field of new materials , and the successful implementation of the industrialization of high-tech achievements. The products are of corundum (a-AL2O3) ceramic intermediate layer , three layers of steel from the inside to the outside. 
Alumina ceramic composite pipe full play to the high strength of corundum ceramics with high wear resistance, heat resistance and steel has excellent toughness and weldability, toughness ceramic overcome poor and low carbon steel pipe hardness , poor wear resistance. Thus, the product has wear, heat , and resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock, and good weldability excellent overall performance. It can be widely used in electricity, coal, steel , metallurgy, mining, building materials , chemical industry, the transportation of ash, slag , coal , ore, cement , sand and other granular materials , grinding media ideal wear pipeline.
The product was identified in 1993 by the outcome of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry , and passed the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry , Ministry of Power Industry , co-chaired the “big long straight pipe diameters SHS SHS ceramic composite pipe ” product appraisal ( Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Section 1997 No. 53 ) . And received the 1998 “National Key New Product”.
SHS- self -igniting alumina ceramic composite pipe applications:
1 ) metallurgy, power industry 
2 ) mines, the coal industry 
SHS- self -igniting alumina ceramic composite pipe features:
1 ) good wear resistance 
2 ) running resistance 
3 ) corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling 
4 ) good heat resistance and thermal shock resistance 
5 ) low construction cost 
6 ) easy installation and construction 
As the light weight of the tube , and good welding performance. Thus can be welded , flanged , fast connection , etc., to facilitate construction and installation , and can reduce installation costs.
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