Resistant ceramic composite pipe

Resistant ceramic composite pipe, Resistant ceramic lined pipe
Resistant ceramic composite pipe has excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance, mechanical and thermal shock resistance , easy soldering and mounting , especially for wear, erosion serious material handling applications, such as coal-fired power generation, metallurgy , coal , mining, geology pipeline transportation of materials and other industries.
According compared to electricity, coal, metallurgy and other industrial sectors for many years usage, and general seamless steel pipe, wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe fifteen times in the life of a growing alternative to cast stone pipe , alloy pipe, organic material liner , is an ideal wear pipeline.
Resistant ceramic composite pipes are widely used in the following industries :
1 , the coal industry, coal slurry , coal sludge , mine backfill , mine coal powder ;
2 , metal mines : concentrate and tailings pipeline.
1, the steel plant blast of pulverized coal injection , slag and other transmission pipelines ;
2, the conveying alloy steel , refining, preferably pipelines.
Cement: raw slurry wet rotary kiln production line conveyor , coal transportation, upgrading cutting machine, concrete pipes.
Coal-fired power plant ash , slag , powder , back to powder, lime desulfurization gypsum slurry transportation.
I wear resistant ceramic composite pipe with strong technical force and advanced management level, wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe quality and service well received by consumers, I sincerely look forward to the community and friends to visit , we will be happy to serve you !
To create a win-win!

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