Multiple composite pipe

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a new kind of engineering thermoplastics with more than 3 million viscosity-average molecular weight.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has superior performance over conventional HDPE pipe such as very high wear resistance, impact resistance, excellent resistance to internal pressure strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking, intrinsically self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, low temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
Multiple composite pipe, and current domestic ordinary ceramic composite pipe except that the inner wall of multi-layer ceramic polymer materials with excellent wear resistance, alkali, acid , anti- fouling , anti-aging , etc. comprehensive performance water . Breaking the previous various composite pipe limitations in practical applications , avoiding the limitations of ordinary ceramic composite steel pipe , widely used in electricity , coal , mining, building materials, chemical industry, transport coal, ash , slag, aluminum fluid, mud and other material grinding particles and corrosive media , is an ideal new generation of composite pipe.
Multiple composite pipe performance:
1 excellent wear resistance 
    Ordinary ceramic composite steel pipe inner layer of Mohs ceramics , wearable index 0.04 , within two multi-composite pipe abrasion index of German multi- layer composite is 0.02,2 those complex , its wear resistance is a common ceramic composite steel pipe 2.5 times. Especially suitable for power plant ash , coal mining and pipeline transportation and backfill pipes, etc. ;
2 corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling
    Multiple composite pipe has excellent acid corrosion and seawater corrosion and anti- fouling properties. Acid 98-99 % degree of corrosion resistance than ordinary ceramic composite pipe 2 times higher , a variety of acids, alkalis and corrosive gases , ideal fluid pipes, ash can be used for serious structural pipes .
3 long life
    Multiple composite pipe through a special process to polymers and ceramics firmly affixed to pay the inner tube , and due to its liquidity will completely cover the weld , thus completely avoiding the drawbacks of ordinary ceramic composite pipe , increase the service life.
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