Multi-resistant ceramic lined composite pipe

Multi-drug resistance of ceramic-lined composite pipes
Ceramic-lined composite pipe is the use of “SHS- self- propagating high-temperature synthesis of centrifuge technology” made of new composite materials, is a national high-tech “863” plan focuses on industrial projects in the 1990s with the international advanced level.
Ceramic-lined composite steel respectively, by corundum (a-AL2O3) ceramic, and steel transition layer composed of three parts from the inside out , even at high temperatures the formation of dense and smooth surface of the ceramic layer through the transition layer combined with a solid steel, fully played a corundum ceramics with high wear resistance, corrosion resistant and high strength steel having excellent toughness and weldability , toughness to overcome the poor and low- carbon steel pipe ceramic hardness , poor wear resistance . Thus , the product has wear, heat , and resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock, and good weldability excellent overall performance. Especially suitable for slurries, corrosive or high temperature of powder and powder conveying occasions, with long life, light weight, reasonable price , not afraid to touch knock advantages. Extended service life several times to several times.
Ceramic-lined composite pipe can be widely used in electricity, coal, steel , petroleum, metallurgy , mining, building materials, chemicals and energy industries, transport ash, slag , coal , ore, cement , sand and other granular materials , grinding cut ideal medium wear pipeline , not only can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of materials , and can solve many of these industries major technical problems.
1 , good wear resistance
Ceramic-lined composite pipe as AI2O3, Mohs hardness of 9.0 , equivalent to more than HRC90 , abrasion and tungsten carbide cobalt rather , ten times higher than steel.
2 , abrasion , anti- fouling
Ceramic-lined composite steel has excellent corrosion against acid corrosion and fouling characteristics of seawater . Acid 96-98 % with a high degree of corundum porcelain considerable , corrosion resistance than stainless steel 10 times higher . Is acid, alkali and corrosive gases , ideal fluid pipes, can be used for scaling serious dust pipe.
3 , running resistance
Drag coefficient ceramic lined steel pipes smaller than ordinary steel can reduce pipeline running resistance and reduce operating costs.
4, light weight , save steel
Ceramic-lined composite pipe wall thickness compared with wear-resistant alloy steel and cast iron pipe , or about 20% lighter .
5 , low cost
Ceramic-lined composite steel prices 20-30% lower than the wear-resistant alloy cast pipe.
6 , good heat resistance
Ceramic-lined composite pipe can be run in the long-term normal temperature range -50-900 Centigrade , material linear expansion coefficient 6 – 8 × 10-6 Centigrade.
7 , easy installation and construction
Ceramic-lined composite steel can be welded , flanged , flexible connectivity options such as quick connectors , installation is very convenient.
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