Ceramic-lined composite steel pipe has excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, mechanical and thermal shock resistance, easy welding and installation, especially for wear and scouring serious material transport occasions, such as coal-fired power generation, metallurgy, coal, mining.

Geological and other industries of the material pipeline transportation. According to the use of electricity, coal, metallurgy and other industrial sectors for many years, compared with ordinary seamless steel pipe, ceramic-lined composite pipe service life of ten times the growth, can replace the cast stone pipe, alloy pipe, organic material liner , Is an ideal wear-resistant pipe. The product in 1994, respectively, through the Ministry of Metallurgy and the Ministry of Electric Power and the success of product identification (Metallurgical Ministry of Metallurgical Branch of the rule of 372 372, the Ministry of Electric Power Supervisor 94 word on the 30th) is the “863” high-tech new materials The Committee of Experts focused on supporting and promoting the project. And the State Science and Technology Commission in 1995 included in the national Torch Program.

Composite pipe has a good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical shock and thermal shock, weldability, and other comprehensive performance. Is the transmission of particulate materials, grinding, corrosive media, such as the ideal wear-resistant pipe corrosion.
As the tube has a wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, it can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other industries as conveying sand, stone, coal, ash, aluminum and other grinding granular materials And corrosive media, is an ideal wear-resistant corrosion pipe. Ceramic steel pipe with the traditional steel pipe, wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe, cast stone pipe and steel-plastic, steel and rubber, etc. are essentially different. Ceramic steel pipe is the outer layer, the inner layer is corundum. Corundum layer Vickers hardness of up to 100-1500 (Rockwell hardness of 90-98), the equivalent of tungsten cobalt hard gold. Wear resistance than carbon steel pipe 20 times higher than it is usually bonded to the corundum wheel performance is much better. Corundum grinding wheel is still a variety of grinding hardened steel wheel. Ceramic corundum layer of corundum wear can wear. Ceramic wear resistance is mainly by the inner layer of a few millimeters thick corundum layer, the Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond and silicon carbide, in all oxides, its hardness is the highest.
At present, the use of wear-resistant ceramic pipe dozens of thermal power plant practice shows: high wear resistance, anti-fluid scouring ability. In the first duct, the elbow wear the fastest, wear-resistant pipe than the thick-walled wear-resistant cast steel pipe to improve more than 5 times.

1, metallurgy, power industry applications
Metallurgy, power industry to transport coal, ash, mud, lime and other gypsum slurry every year need to consume a lot of metal pipes. The use of ceramic composite pipe to replace other pipes, with high wear resistance, long life, easy installation, significant economic benefits. Shandong Liaocheng Changrun Thermal Power Plant, Liaocheng Zhonghua Power Plant, Beijing Beixin Building Material Group, Henan Hebi Power Plant, Gansu Pingliang Power Plant, Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant, Hunan Shimen Power Plant, Hebei Jinniu Energy Co., Ltd. Gequan Coal Preparation Plant, Xingtai Coal Preparation Plant And other industrial operation, the operating life of steel pipe is more than ten times or even several times.
2, mining, coal industry applications
(1) mining: mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transport on the pipe wear serious, the past used slag conveyor pipes such as Panzhihua, Daye and other life of less than a year, to the tube can improve life expectancy 5 times.
(2) coal: Coal and long-distance pipeline transport of coal commonly used in wet transport, requiring both wear and corrosion resistance of the pipe, the tube can be used as longevity pipe, considerable economic benefits.
3, other
(1) The tube does not contaminate and does not adhere to the molten aluminum liquid. For the manufacture of iron pollution-sensitive, and the need to use heavy labor for finishing and maintenance of aluminum equipment, aluminum liquid pipe, riser and so on.
(2) The tube as a result of good wear resistance and heat erosion. For conveying corrosive materials containing solid particles and high-temperature corrosive gases, sulfur-containing geothermal water and other corrosive media.

Characteristics of SHS – self – propagating Ceramic Composite
1, good wear resistance
Ceramic composite pipe As the lining layer of corundum ceramics (a-AL2O3), Mohs hardness of up to 9.0 is equivalent to HRC90 or more. So on the metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal and other industries by the transmission of grinding media have high wear resistance. Confirmed by the industrial operation: the wear life of hardened steel is ten times or even several times.
2, running resistance is small
SHS ceramic composite pipe as the inner surface is smooth, and never rust, nor the inner surface of seamless steel pipe with convex spiral. The internal surface roughness and water resistance characteristics of the test unit, the internal surface smoothness is superior to any metal pipe, clear resistance coefficient of 0.0193, slightly lower than the seamless tube. So the tube has a small operating resistance and other characteristics, can reduce operating costs.
3, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling
As the steel ceramic layer (a-AL2O3), is a neutral character. So it is resistant to acid and alkali and seawater corrosion, and also has anti-scaling and other characteristics.
4, temperature performance and heat-resistant pottery performance
As the corundum ceramic (a-AL2O3), a single stable crystalline structure. So the composite pipe in the -50–700 ℃ temperature range of long-term normal operation. Material linear expansion coefficient of 6-8 × 10-6 / 0C, about 1/2 of the steel pipe. The material has good thermal stability.
5, the project cost is low
Ceramic composite pipe light weight, affordable. Than the same diameter of the cast stone pipe weight 50% lighter than the wear-resistant alloy pipe light weight 20-30%, and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, because the long service life, which hanger costs, handling costs, installation fees and Lower operating costs. The design institute and the construction unit of the actual budget and engineering comparison, the pipe project cost and cast stone tube quite, compared with the wear-resistant alloy pipe, the project cost down about 20%.
6, easy installation and construction
As the tube light weight, and welding performance. Therefore, welding, flange, quick connection, etc., construction and installation is convenient, and can reduce the installation cost.


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